Investment Property Owners

While most investment properties are bought at the lower-end of the market, we fully understand that investment purchases are taking place at all price points.  If you purchase a high-end home investment property, entrust it to a property manager that fully understands the concept of ROI.

 The name of the game is maximizing revenue and minimizing expense.  We maximize your income by:

·       Performing a thorough leasing CMA (competitive market analysis) to ensure that the
      property will lease quickly at the right price.
·       Finding tenants with long-term occupancy in mind…multi-year leases, where possible  
      minimize your vacancy and lock-in a tenants’ housing costs.
·       Keeping your tenants happy and wanting to stay in place.

As for minimizing expenses we believe in the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  To that end, we:

·       Do frequent internal and external checks on the property while it is vacant.
·       Do quarterly external checks and twice-yearly internal checks once it is occupied.
·       Never add surcharges to the cost of any repairs of maintenance.
 "Superior service for discerning clientele."