Why Choose Chase?

Traditional property management concentrates on managing units at all price points, from low-end, multi-unit complexes to high-end single-family residences.  Managing a large number of units compensates for the low per-unit profit.  Further, a commonly accepted practice for managing a large number of units is to focus on a small geographic area.

We take the opposite approach.  First, we are committed to quality, not quantity.  We manage fewer homes, focusing on the higher-end and devoting more time to each property.  And because we can spend more time on each property, we are able to manage a larger geographic area, from Douglas County (including Lake Tahoe), through Carson City, through Washoe Valley and into southwest Reno.


Another of our key strengths is the exposure we can provide our properties.  Through Chase International’s syndicated leasing website, we are able advertise properties on a dozen rental sites across the country.  Through our luxury real estate affiliations, we are able to reach globally as well.

If you are looking for a home, rest assured we are committed to treating you with respect and courtesy throughout our engagement.  In order to protect our owners' assets, our tenant screening process must be thorough.  However, screenings will be conducted in a discrete and professional manner with an eye towards protecting your confidential information.  Once placed in a home, rest assured your calls will be returned promptly as will any issues.  Having to place a second call to get our attention is having to place one call too many.
 "Superior service for discerning clientele."